Ann Reilly Natural Healing

Ann REillyLocated in Annascaul, the Centre offers the following Natural Healing Therapies:

  • CranialSacral Balancing
  • Colourlight Therapy
  • Chiropractic
  • Reflexology
  • Massage
  • Integrated Energy Healing (IET)
  • Reiki
  • Reconnective Healing
  • The Reconnection

8598124_origWhile each therapy can be used as a treatment on it’s own, often a combination of the therapies is used which will enhance the benefits to the client.

About Ann:
4790595I have been a practitioner of Natural (Holistic) Therapies for over 25 years. I first became interested due to some health issues of my own which had become chronic and I found no relief through western medicine. Through my own successful experiences of natural healing therapies, I decided to study and work in this field.

I first attended the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in 1979 and received a diploma in Massage, Reflexology and Polarity Healing. Next, I completed pre-medicine studies at the University of New Mexico. I then attended Life Chiropractic College-West, California, for 4 years earning a Doctor of Chiropractic Degree in 1986. I use Cranial Sacral Techniques as taught by Randolf Stone, D.C., D.O. and have attended CST courses taught by the Upledger Institute. I am a Reiki Master and Teacher since 1996. In 2003, I completed the Instructor level of Integrated Energy Therapy (IET). I was taught THE RECONNECTION under the guidance of Eric Pearl, the founder, in 2006. And I traveled to Amsterdam in 2008 to train in Colourpuncture.

I have been very fortunate over the years to have lived and worked in several countries.


Tel. 066 9157934
Mob. 087 4182754

The heart of the Dingle Peninsula: the village of Annascaul lies among mountains, lakes and streams and is surrounded by history and beauty.

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